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 2552 N. Maple
 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Principal: Cory McElmeel


Research on Trimester Schedules

Research brief on elements of trimester scheduling: The Principal's Partnership, and the Union Pacific Foundation.
Why do a trimester schedule?
Summary of Findings: With the advent of block scheduling, many high schools conducted research on utilizing that plan in a trimester format. There appeared to be three issues that most schools faced: How to provide substantive instructional time that was not fragmented?; How does the school climate contribute positively to students' learning?; and How to provide the appropriate amount of instructional time so that each student can learn in the best ways for him/her? Breaking Ranks suggested that: curriculum should offer essential knowledge that makes connections to real life; instructional strategies should actively engage students in their learning; the environment should be receptive to the learners and educators; time and space be reexamined and utilized to best meet the needs of the students; and all stakeholders should be accountable for assessment of the instructional program.

Ozaukee High School Trimester Scheduling Plan: Sample schedule, advantages of 5 period schedule.

Detailed schedules and resources on trimester scheduling from Spring Lake, Michigan.

Video: Looking at the Trimester Schedule, with Kent DeKoninick  an Indiana Information Network video.

When big seems small - NWREL on how Beaverton High School made a transition to small learning communities using trimesters.

Southridge High School transformation - NWREL on Southridge High School and its trimester schedule and other elements to make a big school seem small.

Southridge High School and the Trimester Schedule

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